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Sad news

    We regret to inform our members that Calliope Spinellis, a constant presence at the first ESC conferences, has passed away. A renowned Greek criminologist, Professor Emeritus Calliope D. Spinelli, had been Professor of Criminology and Penology at the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens. She served as Vice Director of their Centre for Penal and Criminological Research, Vice President of the Greek Society of Criminologists, and as an ad-hoc judge at the European Court of Human Rights.

    Here is a link to her 2010 interview for

    Interview with Calliope Spinellis:

    In the picture, Calliope Spinellis can be seen together with Cristina Zarafonitou (on the right side) while attending the first annual conference of the ESC in Lausanne in September 2001.

    Picture: courtesy of Cristina Zarafonitou