ESC - Oral History of Criminology

The European Criminology Oral History project, better known as ECOH, was approved by the ESC Board and launched at the Annual Conference of 2016 in Munster. ECOH is a ESC long-term project, and it aims to build a collective memory of European criminology by creating an archive of videotaped interviews of people who have made important contributions, starting with founders of the ESC, formers ESC presidents, and ESC award winners.

In these interviews, we wanted to learn about people’s careers, about their research interests in the past and now, how and why they became involved in criminology, their career achievements, and their ideas about criminology in Europe and in their own countries. We also wanted to stimulate conversations, paying attention to both the person interviewed and the person interviewing. All of the interviewers had worked with the people they interviewed, sharing with them a long experience of academic cooperation, usually as a former PhD student or a close colleague. The interactions add a special quality to the tales of a single career.

This European archive, combined with the existing and still growing American one, will offer rich material for scholars interested in understanding historical, transnational, and comparative aspects of the development of criminology. The interviews will be also useful for teaching and will provide immensely valuable material for future generations. Finally, they will contribute to building the identity of European criminology.

The interviews conducted in Munster in 2016 have been edited and are available on the ESC website (European Society of Criminology Channel). We will continue to interview European criminologists during the next conferences, in Cardiff in 2017 and Sarajevo in 2018. The project is currently supervised by ESC Past-President Rossella Selmini, with the assistance of Marco Calaresu, and of the videomaker Enrico Rassu.

Interviews 2016:

Frieder Dünkel, interviewed by Ineke Pruin;

Gerben Bruinsma, interviewed by Lieven Pauwels;

Tim Hope, interviewed by Adam Edwards;

Michael Tonry, interviewed by Manuel Eisner;

Paul Ponsaers, interviewed by Antoinette Verhage;

Dario Melossi, interviewed by Màximo Sozzo;

Joanna Shapland, interviewed by Matthew Hall;

Krzysztof Krajewski, interviewed by Irena Rzeplinska


Many European criminologists, and in particular former ESC presidents, have been already interviewed in the ASC - Oral History of Criminology twin project, and, to avoid overlapping, we are not planning to re-interview them in the near future, with the exception of those whose interviews were filmed a long time ago.

At the ASC - Oral History project ( you can watch the interviews of:

David Farrington (1997)

Hans-Jurgen Kerner (2014)

Martin Killias (1996)

Elena Larrauri (2015)

Miklós Lévay (2013)

Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic (2015)

Ernesto Savona (2012)

Margareth Shaw (2015)

Dina Siegel (2015)

Sonja Snacken (2014)

Jan van Dijk (2013)