European criminology has developed fast in the last decades, and despite many challenges, it is still growing. There are now several generations of European criminologists, many different working groups and networks, and a variety of schools of thoughts and of empirical and theoretical approaches. One of the most visible sign of this development is the role now played by the European Society of Criminology, that in about 15 years became the most important scientific community for scholars working on crime and the criminal justice system.

It is time to start to tell the history of this development through the voices of the most important scholars and researchers who played a role in this process and it seems consistent with the goals and interests of the ESC to support such a project.

The ECOH (European Criminology Oral History) project has the goal to create an organized archive of video recorded interviews that may be interesting for research and teaching. The archive will be hosted by the website of the ESC.

A similar project has been realized since many years by the ASC. Recently, the ASC oral history project also included interviews with some European criminologists. The ECOH project will develop in a coordinated way with the ASC archive and some or many of the interviews already carried on can be included in the ESC archive.